rescuing cats isn't just what she does, it is who she is

Terilynn Mitchell is a registered veterinary nurse who has cared for unadoptable animals for thirty years. She has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, as well as other literary journals, and is an award-winning professional member of the Cat Writers Association. She is currently finalizing her book about her rescue and hospice experiences, entitled Isle of the Misfit Cats. She lives in rural Northern California with a small clustering of intriguing cats.

While cats are Terilynn's true love, she also provides care, fostering and rehoming for many different animals, sometimes bringing them home to care for before taking them to receive additional professional support. Terilynn's growing social media presence journals her journey with fosters as well as her own beloved "critters", most with one more more ailments that require special care.

In addition to the sheer joy she receives from her what she does, Terilynn Mitchell has been recognized for both her work with cats and writing about cats. These awards include: Cat Writers Assoc. Certificate of Excellence both 2021 and 22; Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition, second prize, 2022. Terilynn Mitchell's contributions to the wellbeing of those cats most needing long term care, is often its own reward so many more of her acts of genuine love will only be known to those cats who love her.